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Donate to the People's Assembly

The People's Assembly is the largest and most active campaign organisation fighting against austerity. But we need your help.


We’re asking all our supporters to donate £5 or more, to help continue organising across the UK and create the biggest opposition to this government and to austerity possible. Please donate today.

£5: Will go toward the day to day running of the People's Assembly.

£10: Will fund flyers, posters, newssheets and a whole range of materials to get our message out there. 

£20: Will assist us in capturing mass media attention and making the biggest media impact possible.

£50: Will help book venues for rallies, gigs and other events across the UK.

Better yet, why not set up a monthly donation at just £3 per month? For the price of a cup of coffee, you could provide the vital support we need to create a mass movement that is impossible to ignore!

Who's donating

Michael West
Alison Turley
Joan Hardicre
John Wilks
Thomas Coughlan
Colin Hammond
Jon Grizzle
Miles Newman
Imelda Maguire
Lydia Colebrook
David Callow
Samantha Thickens
Jane Peryer
Katrina Brown
Margaret Martin
Sue Field
Susanna Gadsden
jacob boender
mark adams
Paul Nicholls
Cath Millman